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Umeshu is a drink resulting from combining a Shochu with ume plums and sugar. Try it!

Suppai Umeshu, Heiwa Shuzo Kainan (Wakayama).

The manufacturer wanted to make a more sour version with less sugar and less alcohol, using sake as an alcoholic beverage. The resulting drink delights us with that characteristic aroma of plum, but that on the nose evokes cherry or bitter almond and in the mouth it is balanced and with good acidity.

There is a minimum delivery period of 72h since the gift pack is bought until it is delivered in Spain.

43.00 € 35.54 € 43.00 € 35.54 € (%)
  • Weight: 1.165 kg
  • Volume: 4656.3 cm3
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 41.5 x 11 cm
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